The Cut & Color Room - Ultra Salon

We at The Cut & Color Room are here to provide World-Class Services and Superior Take-Home Care Products at Fair Pricing. We deliver this in an Up-Scale, No-Attitude and No Gossip Environment while we focus on Integrity, Loyalty and Desire for all Our Clients to Enjoy and Recommend.

The Cut & Color Room offers you a diverse group of experienced stylists. All of our stylists are extensively trained, passionate about the craft and dedicated to the happiness of each client that we serve. Regardless of whom you choose, you are guaranteed a unique, quality service. Our stylists are categorized on a level system which helps to recognize those Stylists who have shown dedication to maintaining their professional goals, client base, continuing education, loyalty to the salon client experience and time with the salon. 

 If you have not experienced a service at The Cut & Color Room, we encourage you to do so today. To learn more about the members of our staff, click on their names below! Then, call us to check the availability of the talented stylists that you choose.

Felipe Ortiz

Salon Manager

Stephanie Flores- Cortes

Salon Co-Ordinator

D. Scott Ball

Hair Stylist - Level IV / Owner

Matthew Hunnell

Hair Stylist - Level III / Operations Lead

Holly Stuebs

Hair Stylist - Level IV

Rebecca Murphy

Hair Stylist - Level III

Jeremy Apperson

Hair Stylist - Level III

Beca Hess

Hair Stylist - Level II

Josh Jacovino

Hair Stylist- Level II

Leo Grunke

Hair Stylist- Level II

Elizabeth Irizarry

Hair Stylist - Level 1

Juliette Halstead

Hair Stylist - Level 1

Micah McCain

Salon Associate