Salon Policies 

At The Cut & Color Room, we offer 4 levels of commissioned hairdressers all with their own unique flare for doing hair. The business trains, grows and develops our team to arrive better each day. From your consultation to us recommending your take-home care products, you will move effortlessly through our salon. We want to be your professional stylist, loved and respected for years to come. 
We hire every stylist to solve client problems with services and take-home care products, as well as deliver good feelings throughout the service. If we are missing our mark, please let us know. Please don’t mistake passion for what we do and the many different solutions that we may have to offer as anything more than excitement we have for the professional beauty industry. We really love what we do.

If at any point throughout your appointment you need something, feel free to ask anyone- we are all here for you. We are a strong, thriving team working together in a 16-year-old business of making clients happy. Simply put, we do things right. 
For us to create a good, long-lasting relationship, we want to be completely upfront and transparent about how we run our business. We welcome you to our “new kind of salon experience” and look forward to many years of making you happy and stylish. 

We take great measures to ensure clients leave happy and that we maintain the best integrity of your hair.  
Prices and services are listed and subject to change without notice
All listed prices are “starting at” prices
Prices may vary by individual level of stylists, length and thickness of hair, extra time needed for service or a combination of all of the above
Payment for salon services is expected at time of service
15-minute consultations are free of charge and help you find the best fit for you. Unlike other salons, we are truly working together for you. 
Your stylist will review prices before starting your service and will notify you if a situation arises that the agreed upon price changes throughout the service by unseen circumstances

The employees of The Cut & Color Room pride themselves on providing you with exceptional service and quality customer care. Our stylists are trained in giving consultations and listening to our clients, offering chair education, guiding you professionally and sharing what we do every step of the way. We go to work every day to provide clients the best hair care services and take-home care products possible. We truly want to make you happy, however sometimes we miss the mark.

*Our stylists stand behind their services and if the stylist did something wrong during the service, we will need to inspect your hair in person at the salon. At that time, we will gladly make every effort to rework the service you receive within 7 calendar days of the original visit. 
*Because our stylists are commission paid employees, rescheduling you with the stylist who performed the initial service is policy. Rework is available to you at no cost only within the 7 days of the initial service. 
*Learning to speak the same language or getting on the same page is not as easy for some client/stylists relationships. Let us know if you feel that way and we will gladly introduce you to another member of our styling team or a higher-level stylist. We all know there is a lid for every pot and our team would rather introduce an ideal client to another stylist than lose him or her for being on different pages or levels. We are all here for you. 
*Should you have any questions or concerns about the service you have received in the salon, please notify a salon coordinator before leaving or contact us within 3 days of your service to set up another consultation with yo