At The Cut & Color Room, we offer 4 levels of commissioned hairdressers all with their own unique flare for doing hair. The business trains, grows and develops our team to arrive better each day. From your consultation to us recommending your take-home care products, you will move effortlessly through our salon. We want to be your professional stylist, loved and respected for years to come. 
We hire every stylist to solve client problems with services and take-home care products, as well as deliver good feelings throughout the service. If we are missing our mark, please let us know. Please don’t mistake passion for what we do and the many different solutions that we may have to offer as anything more than excitement we have for the professional beauty industry. We really love what we do.

If at any point throughout your appointment you need something, feel free to ask anyone- we are all here for you. We are a strong, thriving team working together in a 13-year-old business of making clients happy. Simply put, we do things right. 
For us to create a good, long-lasting relationship, we want to be completely upfront and transparent about how we run our business. We welcome you to our “new kind of salon experience” and look forward to many years of making you happy and stylish. 

We take great measures to ensure clients leave happy and that we maintain the best integrity of your hair.  
Prices and services are listed and subject to change without notice
All listed prices are “starting at” prices
Prices may vary by individual level of stylists, length and thickness of hair, extra time needed for service or a combination of all of the above
Payment for salon services is expected at time of service
15-minute consultations are free of charge and help you find the best fit for you. Unlike other salons, we are truly working together for you. 
Your stylist will review prices before starting your service and will notify you if a situation arises that the agreed upon price changes throughout the service by unseen circumstances

The employees of The Cut & Color Room pride themselves on providing you with exceptional service and quality customer care. Our stylists are trained in giving consultations and listening to our clients, offering chair education, guiding you professionally and sharing what we do every step of the way. We go to work every day to provide clients the best hair care services and take-home care products possible. We truly want to make you happy, however sometimes we miss the mark.

*Our stylists stand behind their services and if the stylist did something wrong during the service, we will need to inspect your hair in person at the salon. At that time, we will gladly make every effort to rework the service you receive within 7 calendar days of the original visit. 
*Because our stylists are commission paid employees, rescheduling you with the stylist who performed the initial service is policy. Rework is available to you at no cost only within the 7 days of the initial service. 
*Learning to speak the same language or getting on the same page is not as easy for some client/stylists relationships. Let us know if you feel that way and we will gladly introduce you to another member of our styling team or a higher-level stylist. We all know there is a lid for every pot and our team would rather introduce an ideal client to another stylist than lose him or her for being on different pages or levels. We are all here for you. 
*Should you have any questions or concerns about the service you have received in the salon, please notify a salon coordinator before leaving or contact us within 3 days of your service to set up another consultation with your stylist and a rework appointment. We will work with your stylist, or a higher-level stylist will work with your stylist, to make sure that you leave happy. Your happiness is our ultimate goal.
*We can only guarantee our services if the prescribed products are purchased through The Cut & Color Room. Your services are an investment in you, so please protect your investment to the best of your ability and we will do our part here in the salon.
*If you decide to request a different stylist other than who performed the first service, additional fees may apply

There are situations where we are limited on performing services on new clients with hair suffering integrity for various reasons (i.e. color corrections). We cannot give an expected outcome or price for color corrections and note that most color corrections end in the $200- $300 price range. Every stylist will work within the triangle of “cost, desire & integrity” when formulating solutions to your hair’s problems.  

*Should there be any previous over-processing due to prior chemical services, heat damage, or any other issues with your hair that may affect the outcome of your hair service, you will be made aware before your service is started. These circumstances are out of our control as are the outcomes of the service.
*Suggestions to help these problems will be discussed and certain services may not be available to you until those problems are treated and are able to receive the requested service. 

We want to help you set realistic expectations for your hair and realize that most of social media and runway looks are an illusion.

*Most Pinterest photos are shot with filters and staged after hours of styling
*Celebrity stylists are booked by the day and charge between $600- $1000 a day, giving them time to create beautiful, award winning styles.  
*All hair models used have incredible hair, unique faces and are willing to allow a professional to frame that face with a great cut, color and style. Most color models have unhealthy hair from over processing, which only looks amazing once the hair his coated with silicones and massive amounts of heat. 
As much as we would love to be booked all day with one client, few clients are willing to pay celebrity prices. Time and techniques have a cost. Let us know and we will book you according to your wants needs and desires. We are here for you. 

Cancellations and “no shows” leave gaps in our team’s schedules that are unable to be refilled without timely notice. This notification courtesy enables us to schedule another client and, in turn, maintains a higher availability of services for you as well as others. In fairness to the stylists, who are commission paid and only earn a living by serving clients, we have the following policies.

*We understand that sometimes extraordinary circumstances are unavoidable and you may need to change your schedule. We kindly ask that you give us 24 hours’ notice if you cancel your appointment. 
*If 24 hours’ notice is not given, you will be charged 50% of your service fee. 
*Missed appointments or “no shows” are subject to a charge for the full price of service.
*Due to scheduling commitments to other clients, we may need to reschedule any appointment for which you are more than 10 minutes late.
*If there is a pattern of appointments that have been rescheduled, missed, late or canceled we will glad serve you on a walk-in basis only.

We know you will understand the need for these policies. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here for you, but you need to be here for us in return.

At The Cut & Color Room, we are pleased to welcome clients of all ages for our salon services. For their safety, we ask that you monitor them closely. Our business is full of dangerous chemicals, sharp scissors, blistering hot tools and long extension cords. Please protect and watch your children at all times throughout your visit or theirs. 
The Cut & Color Room respects all of our client guests and it is with sensitivity to our overall goal of sanitation and client experience, that we kindly ask that you please REFRAIN from bringing pets into the salon. 
*we will accommodate and welcome our Clients that rely upon animal aides (i.e. Guide Dogs) for physical mobility assistance with paperwork and vest.

We take great measures to protect our clients and our team every day. Please help us protect your belongings by doing your part. 

*Cover-ups are provided in the bathroom to protect all clients clothing from hair sniping or color stains
*Every station has a purse hook to keep the walkways clear and bags off the ground
*Please keep your personal belonging with you at all times, ask if you need an extra set of hands to help you move around the salon
*The salon will take no responsibility for lost or damaged personal belongings
Lost and found items are keep at the front desk and moved to the office at the closing of each night. Call the salon coordinator if an item was misplaced. 

The Cut & Color Room is dedicated to bringing you an unparalleled shopping experience by offering you result-based products, at a price point to match any budget & make the biggest difference in your hair. 
If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help. You have 7 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it for an exchange, full refund or credit. To be eligible for a return:
*Your item must be less than 10% used
*Your item must be in the original packaging
*Your item could be subject to a 10% return fee
*Damaged items, sale items or discontinued Items CANNOT be returned. Items purchased as a set can only be returned as a complete set.
*There are NO refunds or exchanges on ANY tools sold (i.e. flat iron, blow-dryer, clips, brushes, etc…) Warranties are provided through the manufacturers.

Membership has it’s rewards and we are pleased to welcome you to our rewards program, Style Stash. Earn points to redeem for future services, take-home care products, or just stash them for a complete makeover. 

*Earn 1 point for dollar spend on services and retail items
*Earn 5 points for every pre-scheduled appointment that you keep
*Earn 100 points for referring a new client to us
*Family points can be pull into one account and managed as you like

Never feel guilty for being stylish, think of it as earning your child’s next haircut. Being stylish has never been this rewarding.

We believe that a referral is the best compliment that you could give us. When any new client comes in for a first appointment and says you referred them, we will credit your Style Stash Rewards account 100 points. It is our way of saying thank you. Please know that we value your love and referrals.