Ms Janna

Hair Stylist - Level 1

   Making people happy is one of my favorite things to do in life! I'm so thankful to have found a career that I love to do every day. I get to meet new wonderful people and can express my creativity daily and that makes my heart happy!


     The perfect consultation is such a wonderful process because it allows the guest and the stylist to be on the same page before ever even touching the hair. It is reassuring for both parties involved. It is a time we can discuss hair goals for this appointment and for future appointments. It also gives us an opportunity to discuss prices and how to best keep the color and cut fresh by utilizing at home care regimens.


     So many times as a stylist, I've been asked how my guests can recreate the looks I provide in the chair at home. I am an open book! I love to educate on simple and fun styles you can easily do at home. A lot of those looks start with using the same trusted products that we use in the salon. We know what products will help your hair live its best life and I love passing on the knowledge of what they can do for you! It's amazing how different my own hair looks with and without proper hair care so I think it's super important to pass on what I know to my guests!