Covid19 Guidelines 

I understand and acknowledge that I will be receiving services in a sanitized environment, and in an effort to assist The Cut & Color Room in the maintenance of a safe environment for clients and employees, will not schedule or arrive if I:

    *am currently felling sick feeling sick

    *have had a fever within the last 24 hours

    *have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid19  within the last twenty-one

    days (21) or have traveled outside the state of Florida within the two (2) weeks preceding


**We have taken an extra safer step of installing an AirScrubber that removes 99.9% of germs and viruses every 6-8 minutes. (for more information: 


When arriving for a service, I agree to comply with the guidelines listed below and follow all other safety action procedures the staff is taking for everyone inside the The Cut & Color Room.

     *I will arrive with fresh, clean and dry hair.

     *I will enter wearing, or purchase from the salon, a face cover to wear through the duration of my

     *service and at all times while in the salon. The face mask or cover must be secured by attaching

     *to my ears, rather than being wrapped around my head.

     *I understand that my face mask or cover may be stained or damaged during my service and

      assume that risk.

     *I will sanitize my hands upon entering

     *I will arrive on time and alone for my service, unless I am accompanying a minor or an adult who

      requires special accommodations or assistance. The salon is practicing social distancing and

      reducing the number of clients in the salon at any given time. (ie. one (1) client to one (1) station).

     *I know the salon will not offer magazines or beverage service, until it is deemed safe to do so.

     *I will respect and follow all posted signage while in the salon.

     *I accept that at anytime, The Cut & Color Room might charge a minimal Covid19 fee towards the

      additional costs to clean, sanitatize and sterilize. 

      (**Currently, the best way to head off or helps us manage these additional costs

       will be your continued support by purchasing all haircare products from the salon)



Although all personnel working at The Cut & Color Room who touch clients has been licensed by the State which requires being educated on OSHA Requirements, HIV and AIDS Compliant, Florida Law, Environmental Safety, Sanitation and Sterilization; I realize no business can protect me from Covid19 and that these guidelines are in place in an effort to keep me as safe as reasonably possible while at the salon.