Covid19 Guidelines 

I understand and acknowledge that I will be receiving services in a sanitized environment, and in an effort to assist The Cut & Color Room in the maintenance of a safe environment for clients and employees, will not schedule or arrive if I:

    *am currently feeling sick

    *have had a fever within the last 24 hours

    *have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid19  within the last twenty-one (21) days.


When arriving for your service, I agree to comply with the guidelines listed below and follow all safety action procedures the staff is taking for everyone inside the The Cut & Color Room.

*I will keep a safe 3 foot distance from any unmasked person while moving around the salon. 

*I will sanitize hands upon entering the salon.

*I understand that beverage service is not being offered, since there is no proper sterilization methods in the salon for glassware.  

*Masks are optional for vaccinated clients as of June 14th. However, we recommend that any clients who are not vaccinated continue wearing a mask per the CDC guidelines.


Although all personnel working at The Cut & Color Room who touch clients has been licensed by the State which requires being educated on OSHA Requirements, HIV and AIDS Compliant, Florida Law, Environmental Safety, Sanitation and Sterilization; I realize no business can protect me from Covid19 and that these guidelines are in place in an effort to keep me as safe as reasonably possible while at the salon.

**We have taken an extra safer step of installing an AirScrubber that removes 99.9% of germs and viruses every 6-8 minutes through our HVAC system. (for more information: