Mr Josh

Hair Stylist - Level IV

I feel like my strength is giving excellent customer service. I really enjoy helping people feel as comfortable as possible in our space, with an upbeat personality. 
The perfect consult is an important tool that helps both me and a client understand what we're looking to accomplish, in both the short and long term. This also helps explain costs, at home care habits and future maintenance requirements.
Chair education is extremely important to me because it helps our clients understand so much. It helps to convey advice and helpful tips while in pleasant conversation for lasting relationships. 
Being part of a strong team is important because there is so much knowledge between us all. We all come to the chair with so many diverse talents, accomplishments and passions. Between all of us, there is nothing that can't be accomplished. 
What drives my passion for hair is achieving perfect hair health and helping clientele feel and look their best. There's nothing more pleasing to me than to completely transform a clients hair texture with both in-salon treatments and the "just right for them" at home care regimen.