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Hair design is a combination of craft, art, and heart. At The Cut & Color Room, our goal is to make a connection with you to truly get to know you and your likes and dislikes. Our team brings years of experience provided by experience behind-the-chair and continued education and each member of our team is fully trained to educate you while serving as your beauty adviser. Our commitment to you is that you'll not only look great leaving the salon, but that you can recreate your style at home. We use only the best professional products available all ready for you to take home and help you maintain your look.


*It is important to note that all prices featured on this page begin at listed prices and a rough estimate. Pricing may be adjusted based on the length and thickness of the hair.  Book your free Consultation today for exact prices for the services you desire.  Corrective Color is Priced on time, as well as the amount of product used.

Service Categories

Texture Services

Texture services saftly restructure the hair permanently, helping you to achieve the desired style you have always wanted.

Permanent Wave

A Permanent Wave service, commonly called a perm, involves the use of chemicals to break and reform the bonds of the hair resulting in a wave or curl pattern.
Progressive Stylist  $80 - $95

Smoothing Treatment

Smoother, Softer, Straighter, Smarter choice for Client and Stylists.   This service aides in styling hair and lasts 6 months in the hair. It is ideal for frizzy, difficult to manage hair or hair that has been chemically damaged.  All Keratin Complex  services include the necessary styling Take-Home product that must be used or results will vary and are not guaranteed.  This smoothing treatment is not a straightener, yet it will leave your like silk-like and easier to manage.  
from $270
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To ensure prompt service, please be on time or even arrive a few minutes early for your appointment. We do our best to confirm your appointment by text at least 48 hours in advance and by again by call 24 hours in advance if you have not "Replied 1" to your confirmation. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged a cancelation or "no-show" fee of up to 100% of the service scheduled.


All stylists are commission paid, so your late minute cancelation or no-show not just hurts our small business.. it means your hairstylist doesn't earn a wage for that block of time you reserved. 


*You can find all company policies under Philosothy tab on this site