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Hair design is a combination of craft, art, and heart. At The Cut & Color Room, our goal is to make a connection with you to truly get to know you and your likes and dislikes. Our team brings years of experience provided by experience behind-the-chair and continued education and each member of our team is fully trained to educate you while serving as your beauty adviser. Our commitment to you is that you'll not only look great leaving the salon, but that you can recreate your style at home. We use only the best professional products available all ready for you to take home and help you maintain your look.


*It is important to note that all prices featured on this page begin at listed prices and a rough estimate. Pricing may be adjusted based on the length and thickness of the hair.  Book your free Consultation today for exact prices for the services you desire.  Corrective Color is Priced on time, as well as the amount of product used.

Service Categories


Treatments are services that you can add on to your Haircut and Hair Color services. They solve a variety of problems and enhance or restore the cuticle back to a healthy state. Why do we care so much about the cuticle layer? It's our job to keep it strong and healthy. These services do not include a blow dry service.

Malibu Wellness Treatments

from $20
Total wellness from root to tip is the purpose of Malibu Wellness Treatments. Patented vitamin crystal technology infused in the treatments feature an exclusive blend of natural antioxidants and ionic, food-grade ingredients designed to elevate hair to its highest level of health. These pure, crystallized actives are 100% Vegan. The result is customized solutions that naturally revitalize hair texture and restore strength, giving you the purest, most vibrant results.

Malibu Wellness Color Remover

This amazing product shrinks the color molecule for quick removal of the color pigment. The color remover system allows you to safety change your color without cuticular damage. Also great for seasonal cleanings to remove old pigments that can look tarnished or empty.

Eufora Pro-Treatment 

Lock in shine, lock in color and treat against everything from flaky scalp to frizzy hair. The new eufora Pro-Treatment is a customizable service that will change the way your looks and feels for up to 4 weeks. Is it time to upgrade your look? 

Elixir One Treatment

Restructure, rebuild and replenish hair from the inside out. Elixir One will allow your stylist to push further to achieve those desired results, all while reversing the harm that pushing the limits can bring. 

Shine Enhancing Treatment 


Float Eufora Artisian clear shine boost with elixir One Treatment for the most amazing shine, smoothness and condition for your hair. Add this to any haircut or color and feel the difference immediately. 


*Have fine hair? Shine Enhancing Treatments will also plump up fine or weak hair. 

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To ensure prompt service, please be on time or even arrive a few minutes early for your appointment. We do our best to confirm your appointment by text at least 48 hours in advance and by again by call 24 hours in advance if you have not "Replied 1" to your confirmation. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged a cancelation or "no-show" fee of up to 100% of the service scheduled.


All stylists are commission paid, so your late minute cancelation or no-show not just hurts our small business.. it means your hairstylist doesn't earn a wage for that block of time you reserved. 


*You can find all company policies under Philosothy tab on this site